Successful grant proposals

The grant that I chose was a grant proposed by Beverly Bolton who works for the City of North Las Vegas Fire department. This grant was for the very worthy cause of  obtaining a car seat installation program. In this proposal the author explains how many people of the city come to their department asking for a car seat because they aren’t able to afford to buy one themselves, and there proposals will assist the fire department in helping people install their carseats so that their children can be as safe as possible when riding in the car. 

This grant proposal was awarded 5000 for their installation program in 2011 by State Farm, in this proposal the author starts with the need for this program and some statistics on the number of parents who have their seats incorrectly installed, and lists the objectives.

I think this was a great thing for state farm to fund. As an insurance company I think there main goal is to make people as safe as possible and makes their establishment look better in the eyes of the public. Of course, it is also a great thing for the fire department because it really helps there movement so much more even with just $5000. 


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