Grant Proposals!

Attempting to put a grant proposal together is no easy task. Beginning this assignement I assumed it would be challenging putting it together but as I am looking more into it, I’m finding the hardest thing to do is deciding what topic is important to me. I have decided to choose a need in Wichita that would need attention and write up a proposal for the topic, but it’s so difficult to choose just one!

Meanwhile, the body and layout of the proposal has been easier than I thought. I have used some pretty amazing resources that have been really influential in starting this proposal. The first site I’ve been using is called I love this site because it gives you a nice flow chart, and I love a good flow chart. This chart gives you the whole grant writing process which is very helpful, along with a very detailed description of each piece of a grant. I also love how it gives you different resources for grant writing.

I’ve also been using this sample grant proposal to help guide me through the formatting of the grant which can definitely be tricky. it’s amazing how intricate this grant is, so I’m hoping with a couple of these resources my grant proposal will be just as detailed.


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