Group Assignments

Working in a group to achieve a common goal can be difficult, when you add no face to face time that make the task that much more difficult. Working in this group gives a chance to face a difficulty that not many of us have had experience with, which I think it great because it just broadens our knowledge and ill prepare us for future projects. In today’s world of technology it isn’t hard to believe that someday I may again have to work with a group of people that I know almost nothing about. 

I think this chapter was helpful to the group project because it gave us all some common ground. For me I thought page 270 was quite helpful. This page gave you a outline of what you should be aiming for when drafting a report such as a PSA, it lists that the content should be Accurate, Complete, Balanced, Clear and Logical, and Documented Properly. These are all things that I kept in mind as I was doing my portion of the PSA. I also think that the images and different colors of text we used really added additional to our PSA, it was eye catching and stimulating instead of just another boring announcement. 

I think this assignment was great exposure to something new and challenging, and although it may have been difficult the members of my group and myself were able to step up to the plate and successfully complete this assignment. 


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