Accounting Resume

This week I have chosen an accounting resume sample from career igniter, this website helps to give applicants tips on career building and shows samples. I will critique this resume and give the pros and cons.

After going through this resume I must say that there are many things that I like about this sample. I really enjoy the formatting of this resume, it’s not the same old boring resume format but it’s not too much that it’s distracting from the actual point of the resume. This resume is visually pleasing and to the point which is always necessary when creating a ruseme, businesses can sift through hundreds so you want your resume to catch the eye. I also very much enjoy the mission statement at the top of the page. A mission statement is great to give your resume a personal feel, another necessary tool to help your resume stand out. 

This resume is not without it’s flaws. I dislike the way the bullets are such long points. When I see a bullet I expect something to the point, and quite frankly with these bullets set up the way they are I lose interest in reading the whole resume. This resume also really doesn’t list any accomplishments, which is certainly an issue. The bullets contain many duties but as an employer I would want to see someone who is going above and beyond not just doing the bare minimum. 

Although this sample has good qualities I certainly think it has definite room for improvement. In any case, it is a good starting point for someone who does not have a lot of experience with resume writing. 


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