No Kids Hungry

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For my PSA I decided to showcase a public service announcement for the organization No Kid Hungry. This organization is dedicated to ending child hunger in America. I really love this public service announcement because it shows that you don’t have to have a long announcement for it to be a powerful one. This video basically showcases children holding up signs saying things such as “I havent eaten yet today” or “I got my dinner from a gas station” This makes such a powerful point because it’s not just some representative giving you the facts, it’s personal, it’s a child that needs help.

This organization is certainly targeting adults, attempting to aquire donations for what they believe is the solution. This organization also uses a very good attention grabber, they have a celebrity endorsement from Jeff Bridges, who is an actor and producer. This may not push people to give but for some reason a celebrity pushes people to listen. In the end, this organizations goal is to 1) connect kids with nutrition programs 2)  Educate and empower lower income families to stretch their budget to create healthy meals and 3) Shine a spotlight on this crisis in America. I believe this is a very powerful PSA and I think it does a great job of making this issue come to light even though it’s only a 32 second video. I am honestly very impressed with this organization and their message and how they market that message.


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