Sea World

I decided to analyze a Facebook page to take a look at how companies market themselves via social networking. I chose to take a look at sea world in San Antonio, and it’s very obvious to me that this companies target audience is families. When you first look into this page you stunning pictures of sea lions, orcas, and even penguins and it automatically gives you a sense that Sea world is a fun family environment. 

I personally think that Sea World does a great job of attracting young people to their establishment, and also they have exclusive deals that you can receive by just liking their Facebook page. Sea world also plays to the parents by posting about “family friendly” events including Halloween events and more. I did have one slight concern that I believe could be easily resolved, when you go to this page there is something that just screams out at you and it is the many negative comments Sea World attracts. Of course, any business is going to have critics but going down there page you see things written like “Sea world is cruel”, “Sea world is full of tortured animals” and no reply from any moderator on the site. I certainly wouldn’t expect a reply to every negative comment, I think it speaks very highly of a company to at least make an effort to keep their good name. 

In the end, I think Sea World markets it self very well and it’s positive use of social networking will surely only help them in the end. 




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