Sea World

I decided to analyze a Facebook page to take a look at how companies market themselves via social networking. I chose to take a look at sea world in San Antonio, and it’s very obvious to me that this companies target audience is families. When you first look into this page you stunning pictures of sea lions, orcas, and even penguins and it automatically gives you a sense that Sea world is a fun family environment. 

I personally think that Sea World does a great job of attracting young people to their establishment, and also they have exclusive deals that you can receive by just liking their Facebook page. Sea world also plays to the parents by posting about “family friendly” events including Halloween events and more. I did have one slight concern that I believe could be easily resolved, when you go to this page there is something that just screams out at you and it is the many negative comments Sea World attracts. Of course, any business is going to have critics but going down there page you see things written like “Sea world is cruel”, “Sea world is full of tortured animals” and no reply from any moderator on the site. I certainly wouldn’t expect a reply to every negative comment, I think it speaks very highly of a company to at least make an effort to keep their good name. 

In the end, I think Sea World markets it self very well and it’s positive use of social networking will surely only help them in the end. 




Persuasive Messages

This week I wanted to focus on  persuasive messages and the different methods people use to gain the most out of their advertising. There are 8 methods that will effectively catch your audience’s attention. I decided I would go through the list and give my opinion of an industry or company that uses each method effectively. 

1. A strong product feature or benefit- The book does mention it, but I would say that Apple uses this technique very successfully. Apple seems to always give it’s audience that wow factor, no matter if the change is big or small. Apple knows how to show it’s great features that other smartphones just don’t have, it’s easy to see why the iPhone is consistently the most popular smartphone. This method works very well for them. 

2. A piece of genuine news- The first company that came to my mind was Forbes Magazine. If you have never had the chance to read an issue, Forbes does a fantastic job of delivering news to people in an easy and interesting manner. I hopped on their website and some of their lists include: “America’s most trustworthy companies”, “America’s best small companies”, “World’s most innovative companies”, and that was just in the companies section. Forbes gives people news and information that they can really use. 

3. A point of common ground with the audience- I think of car companies when I hear this, and more specifically trucks and hybrids. Whenever I see a commercial for one of those huge pickup truck, it almost always accompanies a story that helps the company find common ground with the “average joe” and on the other side of things a company advertising a hybrid almost always plays to the eco loving, enviornmentalist type. These companies know their target audience and use that to their advantage. 

4. A personal appeal to the reader’s emotions or values- Politicians do this, and it’s pretty much the only thing they do during election time. Commercial after commercial of someone basically telling you “if you believe in ____ then you better vote for me because if you don’t, then you hate freedom” Although I don’t particularly see the draw to this kind of advertising, It seems to do the trick for them. 

5. The promise of insider information- Department stores get me with this one all the time!! I have an email especially set up for when a store asks if I want to recieve coupons that only email members are privy to, and even though I know it may not be true I always sign up because I just love the thought of getting a deal thats more exclusive than just an ad in a newspaper!

6. The promise of savings- Amazon, comes to mind when I think about this one. Although they might not say right on the front page how much you can save, as soon as you put something in that search bar amazon makes sure to give you the price you could be paying. This gives customer added confidence that they really are getting the best deal. 

7. A sample or demonstration of the product- Infomercials are especially bad about this one! They always advertise some miracle product that no one really believes in to begin with, but where they get people is offering that “free __ day trial, guarenteed or your money back” and all you have to do is pay for shipping. Sounds like a great deal, unitil you do indeed try and return the item. The return process then gets difficult and tiresome. 

8. A solution to a problem- Payday loans. You know the ones, speedy cash, EZ money, the kind of places that offer you money to get by until payday with no hassle. These companies use this method to play to people’s needs, and offers to fix their problems for them! reading the fine print you can easily see that is not their main priority. These companies use this technique flawlessly though.


This week I decided to analyze an email, this email is in regards to to a candidate being chosen for an interview. This first email just really misses the mark. So I have revised it.

“Sorry it took us so long to get back to you. We were flooded with resumes. Anyway, your resume made the final ten, and after meeting three hours yesterday, we’ve decided we’d like to meet you. What is your schedule like for next week? Can you come in for an interview on June 15 at 3:00pm.? Please get back to us by the end of this work week and let us know if you will be able to attend. As you can imagine, this is our busy season.”

Hello Candidate, 

 We are very pleased to inform you that we would like to meet with you for an interview. After careful examination of our many recieved resumes we are convinced that your skill and expertise may be the perfect fit for our company. We would love to set an interview up by the end of the work week, we have an available time of June 15 at 3:00pm. Please get back to us as soon as you can to ensure that this time will work for you or if we will need to make different accomadations. We are very excited to meet with you and hope to here from you soon. 


Shelby Schmit

Human Reources department